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Customer Service

Customer Service

Effective customer relationship management skills drive all successful organizations. In this training you will learn key customer relationship management skills that you can adopt in your organization to deliver endless results. Although it is an obvious starting point we must first ask what exactly Customer Relationship Management is? The easiest and best way to understand CRM requires a breakdown of its component parts: Customer – a person or organization that uses the product or service we provide. Relationship – working together towards shared goals in an open and trusting manner delivering mutual benefit. Management – organization and utilization of resources to achieve a set target.     As can be observed from this simple explanation the focus is on the relationship between the customer and the organization (management). Information at the strategic Planning Institute shows that: Organizations rated in the top third in perceived product quality – when they think of their customers’ goal as their own – average a return on investment of 30%. The organizations in the bottom third return only 5%. Experience tells us that successful organizations view their customers’ goals as their own and in doing so, share common purpose e.g., success for one carries benefits to both. Who should attend : Associate to Management. Anyone looking to improve on their customer service skills. Objectives :
  • Understand the importance of customer relationships
  • Identify the components of Customer Relationship Management
  • Describe the factors that can cause Customer Relationship Management to fail
  • Understand the different ways that you as an employee can affect CRM
  • Use the material presented to develop a customer-centered approach to your role
  • Identify types of customers and recognize their potential impact on the business of your organization
  • How to handle customer complaints effectively
We can deliver on-site training tailored to meet the needs of our customers. Please contact us for more information.

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