Effective Complaint Handling
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Effective Complaint Handling

Effective Complaint Handling

All successful organizations soon realize that complaints are an integral part of their development and growth. How customer complaints are handled reflects on the organization. From working with managers and leaders it is clear that there is now a greater focus on how complaints are handled by organizations as:
  • The focus changes from being product driven to being customer driven
  • The business environment has become more competitive
  • Customer service has become the main differentiating factor
It must be noted that all organizations have two main types of customers – internal and external. Although the general focus of complaint handling systems focus on external customers, it is clear that complaints from internal need to be also handled effectively and efficiently.   Who should attend : Any employee that deals with internal and external customers and wants to learn how to better handling customer complaints. Objectives:
  • Define what a complaint is
  • Understand why customers complain
  • Describe the components of an effective complaint handling process
  • Explain the various documentation requirements
  • Use tracking and trending of complaints for continuous improvement activity
  • Understand how a more professional approach to the handling of complaints in an organization can deliver benefits in terms of increased customer satisfaction
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