Negotiations Training
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Negotiations Training

Negotiations Training

Negotiation helps to develop long term relationships between parties, eliminate conflict and ensures cooperation of the other party in the future. A negotiation also presents the existence of one or more solutions to a problem that result in win-win situations. Having the ability to be a great negotiator can influence the desired outcome you wish to accomplish. You will learn how to manage conflict within the negotiating process, build trust and creditability with your customer and their team to create that win-win situation that will build that long term customer relationship that you desire with that customer. We can help you create, plan, and execute a flawless negotiations process that will help you maximize your profits.   Who should attend :Any Sales Associate or Manager wanting to increase the effectiveness of their negotiations. Objectives :
  • Identify the key roles and responsibilities required by the negotiation team
  • Learn how to effectively implement an effective negotiation process
  • Learn how to overcome conflict when negotiating
  • Be a better negotiator by learning key listening and communication techniques
  • Become more confident when negotiating
  • Learn to build trust with your customer through negotiations
  • Present your closing offer with confidence
We can deliver on-site training tailored to meet the needs of our customers. Please contact us for more information.

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